Sunday, April 19, 2015


Waldameer's Showtime Theater!


Each Live Show is performed twice daily at the Showtime Theater Stage next to the Pirate's Cove. Visit our Park Calendar to view showtimes.



Meet and Greet with Wally and Wendy Bear

Get your cameras ready, it's time to meet and greet Wally and Wendy Bear! Hugs, high fives, and special memories are about to be made as the young and young at heart spend a few moments with Waldameer's special stars! It's Meet and Greet with Wally and Wendy Bear! 

You've never been to a camp like this! Our zany campers are ready for one wild summer, filled with campfire songs, s'mores, and of course rock and roll! You'll never get homesick as you enjoy this comical tribute to days gone by. Pack your bags and join the non-stop party at Camp Rockmeer

Join Wally and Wendy Bear as they use the power of imagination to take the audience on a fun filled adventure through the African Jungle! This non-stop song and dance spectacular wilcomes come brand new friends and is guarunteed to entertain young and old alike! Grab your camera and binoculars and head over to the Showtime Theater for Wally and Wendy Bear's Swingin' Safari! 

Some of the most memorable moments of all time took place at the movies! Iconic scenes, memorable dances, classic favorites, and even movie musicals have all jumped right off the silver screen and right into the hearts of millions! This all new musical revue includes music from some of Hollywood's most celebrated feature films and is sure to entertain movie lovers of all ages. Grab some popcorn and Let's Go to the Movies!

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