Saturday, August 23, 2014

Here are some attractions that the whole family will love. They are favorites among all park goers, from the youngest fan to the oldest enthusiast. There’s something for everybody to enjoy together. 


"Last summer was the first I had heard of Waldameer, so my mom and I took my 3 year old twins for a days adventure. They loved it and we had a blast. My favorite memory of that day, was going on the Ferris Wheel. Just seeing the joy on her face took away the fear on mine!"

                                                                                                            - Shelly P.


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Waldameer’s “Champion of Spin”. It’s a wild, oscillating ride that resembles a spinning top that changes direction. Keep your ears open and enjoy the popular 50’s and 60’s music.

     (3 points or appropriate wristband)

A true family favorite, take a ride on one of 30 Ninja bumper cars. Show off your driving skills and avoid those head-on’s.

     (3 points or appropriate wristband)

With your feet dangling under you, feel the G-forces change as you take a spin on this classic ride! Remember, you must wear shoes when riding! No flip-flops or non-backed shoes!

     (3 points or appropriate wristband)

Take a turn on Waldameer’s Grand Carousel. A fantastic family favorite and memory maker for all.

     (3 points or appropriate wristband)

Wonderful & wild the “Shack” is an award winning 2-story "dark ride" filled with wild crazy fun. The excitement is felt on every twisting turn of your car, while you delight to the screams and scenes as you glide, swing and travel along its dark spooky path!

     (3 points or appropriate wristband)

Be sure to catch the train! It’s a relaxing 15-minute scenic journey on nearly 1 mile of track. Sit back, take it easy and enjoy the many sights.

     (3 points or appropriate wristband)

Here is an amusement classic, the whizzy, dizzy Tilt-A-Whirl. The cars are big enough for the whole family, so everyone get together, climb on in and go for a spin!

     (3 points or appropriate wristband)

Dangle your feet over the L. Ruth Express train as you glide effortlessly on the Flying Swings! With fabulous views of Lake Erie, the Peninsula and the Ravine Flyer II, this family classic will have you twirling round and round and up and down!

     (3 points or appropriate wristband)

A popular classic ride for those who love to spin! You might want to wait until after you ride to get your funnel cake!

     (3 points or appropriate wristband)

Get a fantastic view of the midway as you travel over 1,400 feet and height up to 45 ft above the ground. The Sky Ride has 33 hanging gondola seats suspended from an endless wire rope.

     (3 points or appropriate wristband)

Enjoy constantly changing directions on this classic family ride. As the center pole rotates clockwise, the cars rotate counterclockwise, giving the ride a “mixer” effect.

     (3 points or appropriate wristband)

The Dark Ride and Funhouse Enthusiasts rank this dark walkthrough attraction among the top 5 in the world. Scary and fun at the same time! As you enter you are subjected to many different experiences in which physical and visual stimulus is combined with imagination to provide a memorable experience.

     (3 points or appropriate wristband)

Board for a ride and climb to over 100’ in the air on our giant gondola wheel. Breathtaking views of the Park, Presque Isle and the Bay. Look across Lake Erie and you may even see the shores of Canada!

     (4 points or appropriate wristband)


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