Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Praise for Waldameer!


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I injured my back and needed to use a wheelchair so I didn't have to miss my kids'

picnic. Toward the end of the day, my wheelchair broke, a young man in a red shirt

went out of his way to help us. He found a wheelchair and let me use it free of charge

for the rest of our day. I wanted to thank him very much. It was wonderful to see all the staff in red shirts to help your Guests. There was also another young man who helped

me with a bag of ice in the office when I needed it. Thank you so much Waldameer for what could have been a painful and short day for my kids and turning it into a

painless and fun day for me.


Jennifer W.




Hi! We wanted to e-mail you to tell you how much we love your park!!! We found 
Waldameer a couple of years ago (we’re in West Seneca, NY, a southern suburb of Buffalo) & since 
finding you always rave about your park... you’re a traditional, old fashioned park that truly puts your visitors first, & thank you.

Frank, Kathie, Samantha & Karlie D


Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your discount consignment ticket sales

for our employees... Many said they had a great time and would participate again next year. Thanks again - we appreciate being able to 
offer this to our employees.

Karen B.

Instron Industrial Products Group

Grove City, PA


I want to thank you and those at the West Lakeview Grove for all the help.  I will be looking for the contract for next year’s picnic in the mail. Again, thank you for your

help in making this picnic such a huge success.

Christopher H.
Director of Human Resources
C.A. Curtze Food Service


All of your staff at Waldameer Park! THANK YOU! Thank you for another great time

and understanding with everything.  It is knowing that there are people such as

yourself and your employees that make it all worth the effort, again thank you!

Jeffery J. A.
Treasurer FOP #7

Erie, PA



I have been coming to your Park since I was little, and I love it!  All of your rides and employees are nice and delightful.  They are well mannered and friendly. Your ground

is always clean and your rides are thrilling!  Keep up the good work...keep making improvements, adding rides like the Ravine Flyer II. 

...your Park will be more successful than ever!


Ryan S.

Greensburg, PA  


I have been going to Waldameer since I was 7 or 8... I now live in Baltimore and can

no longer enjoy my favorite family park every year. I am carrying on the

"Family Tradition" of Waldameer to my daughter when I am visiting home. I am so

excited for her to enjoy and get the thrill out of the same rides I enjoyed throughout

my childhood. Thank you Waldameer for staying a very family friendly park I can

visit year after year. Looking forward to my day at the park this summer!



Baltimore, MD



Waldameer Park is truly one of a kind and pure delight to visit. Your hospitality and graciousness to the ACE group is a true reflections of why your park is and will

continueto be a success. It was great to be surrounded by the American spirit

and honest values. A huge thank you for all you did for the ACE group.

I appreciate it.





Your park is very clean, very family friendly and safe. The staff is congenial and

helpful. We loved the shaded picnic grove, and the overall "good old park" feel of Waldameer! Keep up the great job and we will be sure to see you again

next summer!


Jim H.



Great little park! We have been going there for the past four years in a row. Having

three children, I wanted them to have memories of this type of park. Crowds at this

park have always been perfect. What great memories for my kids. Nice to donate to juvenile diabetes. Class act. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


Ed C.

Alliance, Ohio



Waldameer is a wonderful, family-friendly park. My husband and I hadn't been to Waldameer since we were kids and we took our children this weekend. They had the greatest time! It is truly a fantastic park for small children. They enjoyed every minute

of the day and seeing how excited they were made us so happy. What a wonderful

place for families!





I am so glad that I heard about Waldameer as it was my family's first visit this summer.

We had such a great time that we have made it our tradition to go every summer. You have rides for everyone and it's a great place to be!


Sarah K.

Cleveland, Ohio



I would like to say a great big thank you. My family and I had a wonderful time today

at your park. It was our first time there. We just loved it. Your staff was very helpful,

very friendly and very polite. My son and his friend also agree with my wife and I.

We will definately be back. Once again, thanks to you and your staff for

such a wonderful day.


Greg D.



Thanks from all of us at Whirley Drink Works! for a wonderful time at the park.
It is a wonderful park where everyone can do their own thing and most of all you
feel safe and secure that your children can ride safely and not wander off outside
the secured area. Thanks again for a wonderful day at the park.

Ruth D.
HR Administrative Assistant
Whirley Drink Works!


I wanted to let you know that everyone had a great time and we'll be looking
forward to next year.
Joseph D.
Erie County Foster Parents Assoc.


All who participated at this year's event had a wonderful time and commented on
how nice everything went. The food was great, the staff that serviced our event were
courteous and helpful, the rides were great, the park was clean and the weather cooperated. We couldn't have asked for a better location or day. Thank you for all
you did and good luck in 2011.
Jerry C.
Pillitteri Family Reunion


Keep up the great job and please tell your employees that their hard work and
kindness mean a whole lot to those of us who still value service and fun. Everyone at Waldameer is so nice! You are the best and look forward to many visits and screams
on your fantastic rides. Best wishes for a successful, safe and prosperous operating season and I look forward to my next visit to Waldameer Park!
Tim K.


It was our first visit to your park and we really had a great time even though it was a
little cold and drizzly. The nice part was that we rarely had to wait in any lines at
Water World and we got to talk to many of your friendly staff members. The selection
of slides was great, the Ravine Flyer II was one of the best wooden coasters I have
ever ridden and we especially appreciated that your bumper cars are free to roam
about the floor instead of going in the same direction. We really had a great day
and just wanted to let you all know how much we enjoyed our time at your park.
Matt P.


This was my son's first amusement park experience. This is a wonderful park for
children of all ages. He rode the Comet, his first roller coaster ride, and absolutely
loved it. It is a great place to have some family fun and also to relax in the picnic areas. We will be visiting again. Thanks Waldameer for making my son's first amusement
park trip memorable.


Thank you for everything you provide the public with. I was thrilled with the free
admission. Yesterday was the first time I attended your park and was very pleased.
I have a two year old daughter and am seven months pregnant so I was unable to
ride, yet the free admission was a blessing. The Wally Card is a wonderful idea
as well and other parks should take note.
Thank you to all your friendly and helpful staff.

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