Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Waldameer's Showtime Theater!


Each Live Show is performed twice daily at the Showtime Theater Stage next to the Pirate's Cove. Visit our Park Calendar to view showtimes.



Meet and Greet with Wally and Wendy Bear

Get your cameras ready, it's time to meet and greet Wally and Wendy Bear! Hugs, high fives, and special memories are about to be made as the young and young at heart spend a few moments with Waldameer's special stars! It's Meet and Greet with Wally and Wendy Bear! 

Y'all will be tappin' those toes, stompin' them boots, and laughin' in your seats as Waldameer brings you a show full os your favorite country classics! The harmonies are tight and the jokes are loose as our cast of talented cowpoke have you grinnin' while they're singin'!

Wally and Wendy Bear can't wait to splish and splash around in Waldameer's brand new Wave Pool! They're throwing the ultimate beach party with all their puppet friends from under the sea and you're invited! You'll be dancing, singing, and surfing with your favorite loveable bears.

Pick out your favorite record and get ready to be launched back in time for a non-stop, music adventure! Every night is Saturday night and we're spinnin' some old time rock n' roll! Your favorite number one hits are playing at the Showtime Theater where audiences of every age are guaranteed to be entertained!

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